Monday, 28 April 2014

Know your Polling Station before casting vote! #getinked

Dear Friends,
In 2009 Elections, Hyderabad saw only 53% polling. The main Reason for the low voting is half of the people didn’t know their pooling Booth/Station and they didn’t verified if their name exists in that station/booth and it happens mostly in Urban areas.
So friends, Please Pledge to vote, but before Know your pooling booth/Station prior to casting vote.
Follow any of the below step to Know/verify your Pooling Booth:
  • SMS: Send VOTE [SPACE] Voter Id to 9246280027
Send SMS
SMS Result for Pooling booth
Online result with all details
Search your name
For any escalations on Elections: Dail 1950
Sri Bhanwar Lal
Chief Electoral Officer
Phone: 040-23457317
Fax: 040-23455781.
#getinked #pledgetovote